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          Pr List

          • Central air conditioning Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

            Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, have gone through a hundred years of history, among the world's top 500 integrated enterprise, with their own owned by the world's leading science and technology and manufacturing processes, in order to solve various problems facing human society, creating the future for a better life and make unremitting efforts!Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. stationed in China since the cause of hot and cold, combined with China's market demand, tailored specifically for Chinese users to lead the industry trend of various types of high-end air-conditioning products. These products are not only the integration of the various areas of extreme technical product contains the same period the manufacturing process and energy conservation, and environmental protection standards is completely done with the world. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the outdoor unit Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a multi-type frequency home central air conditioning KX6 mini series, one outdoor unit can be connected to 6 indoor units, the outdoor compressor DC inverter dual-rotor compressor, can open the case (the number of units, the indoor temperature setting, etc.) according to the indoor unit , real-time adjustment of the frequency of the compressor, on-demand output. Achieve stable operation at full load, partial load is low frequency energy-saving operation.Unique tube heat exchanger as a cooling device, so that the model size than other brands of the same capacity is reduced by 34%, 35% weight reduction, material savings reduce losses, the industry's smallest outdoor unit.Of course, a small return is small, but its ability large, although greatly reduced size, weight, refrigeration, heating capacity has not diminished, characterize the energy levels of IPLV (C) values up to 6.32, much higher than other brands of similar products.Mitsubishi Heavy Industries K standard central air conditioning KX6-Q series single outdoor unit specifications include 4 to 6, 8 to 12, 14 to 16, 18 to 24 (expandable to 48 can be combined) MHI indoor units Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has a series of wind machines use advantages, mainly divided into the following points:First, the effect of having a high cost, set refrigeration, heating as one, strong ability to control the temperature of the season, from the static, noise and other indicators of the whole, are excellent, and the new products also incorporate the latest fashion trends, the appearance looks more stylish and beautiful;Second, the use of UI series inverter system, from PAM + PWM inverter controller to dual-mode DC inverter compressors and other hardware devices are using the most forward-looking international technology, not only material selection is very good, while the production process is also very advanced;Third, the flexible drainage measures, taking into account the factors of the series of drainage equipment, so that everyone is more convenient to use. Moreover, the power will restart function was added to further protect the safety of users, so that we truly rest assured that the use of air conditioning.Mitsubishi Heavy wind machines has many years of history, as has been adhering to the concept of consumer services, it is also in constant progress, constant innovation, as much as possible to meet consumer demand.


          • Daikin Air Conditioning

            Daikin Industries, Ltd. since 1924 venture, continue to grow and develop. 1969 successfully developed the first outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units of household multi system air conditioning, home central air born. 30 years of world-renowned, and become active in a variety of areas of air conditioning, refrigeration, fluorine chemistry, electronics, hydraulic machinery and other multinational corporations, particularly in terms of air-conditioning refrigeration, product categories 5,000 kinds, the market share in Japan always maintain the first, it is the only set of air-conditioning, refrigerant and compressor development, production and sales of multinational corporations. Its main products include air conditioners, fluorine chemical products, hydraulic machines, electronic systems, semiconductor machinery.Daikin central air conditioning, Daikin Group is one of the main products. Since 1995, China launched a comprehensive career since Daikin been around in China to establish a strong production, sales and service network, and set up a research and development center. With advanced technology and excellent quality, we established the status of the industry and professional, high-end brand image in China. Daikin central air conditioning into home central air conditioning and commercial central air conditioning. The first half of 2012, Daikin central air-conditioning sales of 8 billion, topped the share of 15.9%. Daikin outdoor unit Daikin air conditioning CMS system featuresEspecially for 150 to 5,000 square meters of medium / small business space designDC transmission technology multi system refrigerantBetween indoor and outdoor unit is connected to the sub-pipe, can be combinedUsing new refrigerant R410A, the system run more efficientlyOutdoor unit 10HP, 12HP, 14HP, 16HP and 18HP five kinds of capacity, can connect up to 15 indoor units (when connecting 18HP outdoor unit)There are two kinds of specifications of the indoor unit, 6 capacityIndoor / outdoor unit height difference of up to 50m (about the height of 10 storeys)Indoor / outdoor unit maximum single pipe length of up to 120m, design freedom, ease of installationIndoor / outdoor unit connecting up to 120%1. Air conditioning master hidden in the ceiling, almost feel the presence of the air conditioner, adding a sense of high-grade business space, fashion sense.2. Industry-leading 120m long pipe configuration, so you can choose according to the actual needs of the installation position of the outdoor unit, to avoid damage to the building facade.3. The size of the area and function room use, etc., are free to choose to match the indoor unit capacity, so that "the amount of style clothes."4. DC transmission technology, it is possible according to the change of the indoor traffic quickly adjust the output power of the outdoor unit, to "vary over time."5. Each indoor unit can be controlled separately when the need to use air conditioning only local region, only the open air to the region, to reduce unnecessary extravagance, to "demand-controlled."Hangzhou Daikin central air of quiet6. Using a DC transmission technology, the indoor temperature control more accurate. The unique design of the indoor unit and tube length advantage, the flexibility to choose the right blowing position so quiet indoor air can be delivered each low.7. The indoor unit low noise operation (down to 26 db), people almost feel the air conditioning operating noise.8. The outdoor unit using a variety of quiet design, and parse through optimized airflow, run quieter.Long promised within range (up to 120m), you can design the best of the indoor / outdoor layout and the need for their installation site.9. The construction is simple, according to the actual need to partition / stage construction.10. can independently control each indoor unit in the system, do not have the same time on / off.11. The timing of the pipeline without cleaning, there is no need to configure a special system maintenance staff, management, and maintenance simple.12. In the compressor, heat exchangers, refrigerant circuit adopted new technology, a full range of models COP of 3.2 to 3.7 for the compressor and the fan department implemented a new noise reduction measures to achieve the overall effect of the machine to solve the low-noise use a variety of topics, expand the operating range of the unit Daikin indoor unit advantage:1. Daikin imported compressor, DC inverter technology;2. Adopt the new R410A refrigerant, energy saving and environmental protection;3. High stability unit, outdoor unit and the compressor running with dual back-up function;4. The indoor unit strong line-up, a total of eight kinds of series, 56 kinds of capacities;5. intelligent management;6. In response to 140 square meters or more units designed to meet the air conditioning needs a larger area for composite, villas and other chamber.


          • Gree air conditioning

            1. Founded in 1991, Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is the world's largest R & D, production, sales and service in one of the state-controlled specialized air-conditioning business in 2011 achieved total revenue of 83.517 billion yuan, up by 37.35% ; net profit of 5.237 billion yuan, up by 22.48%; more than 5.3 billion yuan of tax, for 12 consecutive years ranked the US "Fortune" magazine "Top 100 Chinese listed companies."2.2012 the first three quarters the company achieved total revenue of 77.164 billion yuan, an increase of 20.43%; net profit of 5.332 billion yuan, an increase of 41.34%, continue to maintain rapid and healthy development of the good momentum.Gree Electric's "Gree" air-conditioning, air-conditioning industry is China's only "world famous" products and services in more than 100 countries and regions. Air conditioners, domestic annual capacity of over 60 million units (sets), commercial air-conditioning with an annual capacity of 5.5 million units (sets); Since 2005, Gree air-conditioning production and sales for seven consecutive years the global leader.As a large manufacturer of electrical products, a focus on air-conditioning, Gree Electric is committed to providing consumers worldwide with leading technology, high-quality air conditioning products. 9 in the world with large production bases in Zhuhai, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Brazil and Pakistan, more than 80,000 employees, has been developed, including home air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, including 20 categories, 400 series , more than 7,000 varieties of products, can fully meet the various needs of different consumer groups; has more than 6000 patents, of which more than 1,300 patents, independent research and development of digital multi-unit ultra-low temperature, high efficiency DC inverter centrifugal chillers , multifunction warm residential central air-conditioning, 1 Hz inverter air conditioner, R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant air conditioning, super-efficient constant speed compressor and a series of "international leader" products, to fill gaps in the industry.In the fierce competition in the market, Gree air-conditioning has won the bid in 2008, "Beijing Olympic Media Village" South Africa 2010 "World Cup" main stadium and a number of ancillary works, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games competition venues 14, 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic supporting projects and other famous international tender air conditioning, in the international arena has won wide popularity and influence, leading the "Made in China" to "Created in China.""A no innovative company, is a soulless enterprise; without a core technology of the enterprise is not the backbone of the enterprise, without a backbone of people will never stand up." Looking to the future, Gree will adhere to the "science and technology to save the enterprise, quality technology enterprises, benefit and promote enterprise "development ideas, to" create the world's leading air-conditioning business, achievement Gree century brand in the world "as the goal for the" Made in China "contribute more power. Gree outdoor unit Product Features GPd DC inverter multi air conditioning unit Gree independent research and development of the latest generation of inverter air conditioner unit, is composed of a cold wind outdoor unit connected to several identical or different type, capacity, direct evaporative cooling systems into a single indoor unit, to one or more post-processing area provides direct air conditioning units; unit capacity ranges from 10.0kW ~ 90.0kW, 20.0kW or less capacity units which is mainly used for home sites, small office buildings and shopping malls, and major 20.0kW or more units for large office buildings, manufacturing plants, shopping malls and other commercial establishments. The unit uses a DC inverter compressor technology leadership and unique designs, and optimized cooling system, so that better performance, higher energy efficiency, more reliable operation, installation more convenient.stable and reliable system design industry-leading DC inverter sine wave drive control technology, compressors softer and continuously variable operation, strong guarantee reliable operation of the compressor and the capacity of the frequency of the output; unit adopts mature Gree the PI control algorithm technology, indoor and outdoor temperature is determined separately, the indoor unit capacity, set different temperature conditions determine the ability of the compressor output, and other manufacturers of similar products used in a simple decision-making capacity output of the compressor relative ability of the indoor unit ratio, Gree inverter operating frequency multi-line continuous steady, more accurate refrigerant distribution, cooling speed is more reasonable, the ambient temperature and the set temperature difference is smaller. Gree indoor unit Gree air duct machine e Series - ultra-thin bodyWhen the newest e-Series machine air conditioning duct, the engineers during the design, people-oriented, making upholstery process, can be completely integrated into the late decoration out of the effect is more beautiful, it does not affect the home life. From the design of the model itself, a number of models of models, wherein the overall thickness of between 200-260 mm, an inch of gold patch of land for modern living room, it will not take up too much space, tiny room installation nor after the compact.Gree air duct machine e Series - nimbleDuring the time of operation, there are detailed instructions on the machine Chinese presentation, and during the operation of the remote control, the user can see at a glance how it is done, you know how to operate. Installed in a room, they usually can control multiple machines, most of the time up to 16 units, the effect is also very good.Gree air duct machine e Series - flexible installationGree launched this e series duct machine, during the time of installation, the unit can choose to use terms with the pump, the pump is about 1 m, the general staff of the installation process can be completed, but also by the need for professional training personnel, rather than what they do personnel to operate. Different installations specific situation is not the same, so the next time the wind and return air so arranged after installation, you need to master a flexible, easy to use rational thought dominated late.Gree air duct machine e Series - reliable operation and easy maintenanceE Series duct machine, quite beautiful shape, add a little bright colors for the home. Once you get started, do not worry about what the long-running problem, and vibration, low noise, low loss of the appliance itself. Even if there is a problem, because the use of plastic blades, pinch and other forms, simple and quick repairs, spend less.


          • McQuay

            McQuay in 1982 fully acquired the Westinghouse American International Group (WESTING HOUSE SA) central air conditioning unit; 1987 acquisition of Europe's oldest air conditioning company WESPER company; in 1988 acquired the famous American company AAF air purification equipment company; 1995 Britain has a long history of air-conditioning, refrigeration company J & E Hall to join forces even stronger McQuay, McQuay products have been covered since then industrial, commercial and residential HVAC equipment, air filter and freezing, refrigerating the entire range of the unit, the main products include: centrifugal water-cooled, water-cooled and water-cooled piston screw chillers, absorption chillers, air-cooled screw, piston, scroll chillers, air source and water source heat pump, fan coil tube, air handlers, the roof and the whole commercial air conditioners, various types of commercial and household single cooling / heating and split air conditioners and water Guiji like. McQuay outdoor unit Home central air conditioning [classification]According to the different transmission media can be divided into the home central air conditioning duct systems, cold / hot water unit and multi-linked system of three types.First, the air duct systemDuct system home central air conditioning is the air as a transport medium, the use of district cooling chiller, the fresh air is cooled or heated, then mixed with the return air into the room. If there is no fresh air supply, ducted air conditioning system types of home central air return can only be cooled or heated. Such a low cost home central air conditioning and fresh air system to better improve air quality, allowing users to feel more comfortable.Second, the water chillerSuch home central air conditioning is generally the choice of transmission media or direct use water glycol solution. It can produce the desired host by outdoor air conditioning cold / hot water, transported by the pipeline system to each end of the device in the room and heat exchange with the indoor air, thereby producing cold / hot air. Because this home central air conditioning fan coil fan speed can be adjusted for each air-conditioned room can be individually adjusted, so remarkable performance in energy efficiency.Third, multi-line systemHere the so-called "multi-joint type system" is a refrigerant flow system. Such home central air conditioning refrigerant compressed transmission medium, a compressor can drive multiple indoor units, the outdoor heat exchanger outside of the host there, compressors and several other accessory combination. The indoor unit by direct evaporative heat exchanger and fan combination. By routing the refrigerant pipe of the outdoor unit to the indoor unit, controls the flow rate of refrigerant in the conduit and into the interior of each radiator cooling flow, to meet different load on the heat and moisture requirements of the room. Home central air conditioning advantage such that meet the needs of different rooms. While the energy saving performance is equally impressive. McQuay indoor unit McQuay chiller series module while maintaining the traditional chiller efficiency, compact dimensionsNursing convenience, modular processing unit, through more mature McQuay intelligent centralized control moduleSystem management functions, to achieve the unit from cold from 20RT to 960RT, cold span 10RT, can achieve up to hundredsFlexible combinations thereof. McQuay WGZ-B series modular chillers wide range of uses, especially for large-scale shopping malls, hotels, medicalHomes, offices, entertainment venues, restaurants, supermarkets and other occasions, air conditioning, save operating costs and efficient air conditioning system,In addition, the series is also suitable for industrial cooling units in a variety of applications.


          • Midea air-conditioning

            The United States was founded in 1968, now it has developed into a comprehensive enterprise, is one of the white goods production and export base in China most-scale, the United States is not only the top ten brands of air conditioning, and in many of the other top ten brands ranked , the United States is on the list, the United States is very rich variety of products, involving various industry-related fields, occupies a very broad commodity markets. Midea outdoor unit Features:Modules can be combined capacity of up to 64HP;Using large-displacement super efficient DC inverter compressor;High energy efficiency, the highest IPLV of 5.3;Five oil return technology, stable and reliable;Network control, intelligent and convenient;The master unit starts, running back-up function, longer life;Low noise, silent mode at night;Wide operating rangeApplications:Government office buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, factories, schools, hospitals, etc Midea indoor unit US duct machine features:Slim, space-savingBody thickness of only 24cm, small installation space required, without restriction storey, saving renovated space.Return air design, flexible layoutThe Plenum standard set 3OPa, flexible layout according to the characteristics of each room back to the wind.Concealed installation, with decorationThe indoor unit take concealed installation mode, only the exposed portion of return vents. Can configure the appropriate outlet, air conditioning and decor make perfect fusion, demonstrated grade room


          • Hitachi Elevator

            Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. was established in January 15, 1996, the two sides jointly established by Chinese and Japanese. China accounted for 30% of the shares, Japan accounted for 70% of the shares in the Chinese-based management.Hitachi Elevator main production and operating various types of elevators, escalators, moving walkways, intelligent building systems engineering, product development, manufacturing, sales, import and export trade, installation, repair and maintenance engineering services in one. Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. was established in January 15, 1996. Company jointly founded by Hitachi, Ltd. (70%) and Guangzhou Day Holdings Limited (30%), with a total investment of $ 90 million. At present, the main city in the country has nearly 40 branches, which, in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai has three manufacturing bases, responsible for product sales and after-sales service. Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells various types of elevators, escalators, moving walkways, intelligent building systems engineering, product development, manufacturing, sales, import and export trade, installation, repair and maintenance engineering services in one, the current the annual output of over 30,000 units, the manufacturers and service providers one of the largest elevator, comprehensive strength over the years has been ranked the top three columns industry. Since the pioneering Hitachi Hitachi entrepreneurial ideas, and always uphold the "technology contribute to society" business philosophy, through a high degree of ethics, advanced technology and independent of the cause, in order to solve social problems facing the world to make a positive contribution. Hitachi to "cutting-edge technology innovation leadership", "with partners to establish a solid relationship of trust" and "create a prosperous life and a better society" as its mission - this is the Hitachi "technology", "trust" and "trust honesty "business gene. Faced with growing global environment, feeling the rapid changes in Chinese society, the Chinese city of Hitachi construction into the important areas of development. Faced with growing global environment, feeling the rapid changes in Chinese society, the Chinese city of Hitachi construction into the important areas of development. As the largest overseas joint venture of Hitachi, Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. under the "Inspire the Next" corporate philosophy, through leading-edge technology, the quality of services, to provide security for the Chinese community, comfortable, convenient traffic building solutions a steady stream inject new vitality into the Chinese urban construction. About Branch Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. Quanzhou branch of Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujian, is responsible for market development in Fujian Hitachi Elevator, technical support, service


          • Suzhou German and Austrian Elevator

            Suzhou Elevator Co., Ltd. is a German and Austrian elevator design, manufacture, installation, alteration and maintenance as one of the joint venture, China Elevator Association, a qualified Chinese elevator industry highest level of elevator manufacturing and installation and maintenance Double-A level , the company registered capital of 301.8 million yuan. Rich products, covering passenger elevators, villa elevators, escalators tourism, bed lifts, service lifts, hydraulic lifts, vehicle lifts, elevators small room, no room elevators, escalators, moving walkways, escalators and other debris XII products , and can be specially designed according to customer demand, the maximum extent to meet the diverse needs of users.The company make full use of the most advanced elevator control technology and an elevator drive system, the company's products in the international advanced level of technology. The company introduced the most advanced enterprise management system, establish a set of CAD, CAM, ERP for an integrated network management system, and implement "5S1A" site management model. CNC multi-turret punch press, CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine, acceleration tester, governor tester, laser measuring instrument, such as rail set of advanced manufacturing and processing equipment and improve the detection equipment, products of international standards GMP, ISO9001, ISO14001, execution OHSAS1800 system to ensure that the various types of elevators, escalators, moving walkways production quality, so that enterprises have the ability to continue to provide the community with continuity of quality products and services.The company has always believed that quality of service is a strong guarantee of product excellence. To meet the different countries, different regions, different users, different levels of need, the company has established from the elevator design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and efficient one-stop service system. From design to manufacturing, from installation to maintenance, we are determined to meet the individual requirements of customers, all over the major north-south network of services, well-trained engineers, in accordance with established work norms and requirements of the actual site dedicated to provide customers with better services, the use of elevator operating conditions the implementation of new technical means of self-diagnostics, remote real-time monitoring, remote maintenance, to ensure that customers worry-free.Companies follow the "mutual benefit and win-win" values, the spirit of "let customers moving" business philosophy, committed to providing customers with the perfect delivery of products and services.


          • Kone Elevator

            After nearly a century of development, KONE has become the world's largest elevator and escalator supplier industry, which consists of the Finnish parent company (KONE Corporation) and subsidiaries in more than 50 countries, employs around 39,000 employees. KONE products are manufactured at production sites in Europe, Asia and North America. KONE is committed to providing sales elevators, escalators and moving walkways for the global customer, installation and maintenance services. Meanwhile, KONE is a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly energy-saving products industry, has long been an innovative and leading-edge technology praised by worldwide acclaim.KONE firm's mission to promote our efforts to return the developer's investment to achieve vision of the architect, the integration of different styles of architecture, to every ride KONE elevators or escalators for passengers with comfortable and pleasant experience. KONE Group believes that the only way we can truly add luster to your building.In China, KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in December 1996, is the most important of KONE's elevator and escalator production base in the Asia Pacific region. Kone ElevatorKONE to focus on quality and famous, to introduce the most advanced manufacturing technology and management technology to ensure high-quality products; In addition, Kone Elevator is bound to open up the market to invest more in product quality. Such as motors, inverters, control components, door systems, speed feedback device, the hoisting rope weighing apparatus, planetary gears, brakes, wheel, sprocket, and no room and high-speed elevators, etc. used are imported, a large number of imported parts, durable and reliable quality of the products provided a guarantee.


          • Yong-largest elevator

            Shanghai Yong-largest elevator was founded in September 1993, is a mechanical and electrical products manufacturing enterprises in Taiwan Wing Tai Electrical and Mechanical Industry Co., Ltd. invested in mainland China, Taiwan, more than ever in 1989, listed on the Taiwan stock market, and with sufficient funds to advanced technology, high-quality leadership team, the rapid expansion of the business territory, steady expansion and innovation, so the Shanghai Yongda benefit its solid foundation, adhering to the "technology first," "quality first" and "service first" purpose, put into operation since 1995, has been excellent products and quality after-sales service system in the country set a good reputation.Meanwhile, the Shanghai Yongda also actively explore the export market, now the products have been exported to Taiwan, Japan, the newly-added glass, the Middle East and other regions, the future of Shanghai Yongda will also continue to play better products and dedicated and thoughtful service, abide by the credibility and the pursuit of perfection image, and you create a better living space. Overview:Faster pace of life in today's society, time is more valuable. How to improve efficiency as much as possible, to gain time and more important. Customers building transport efficiency have become increasingly demanding, Yong-largest elevator is committed to developing the most efficient elevator to save customers time mission, combined with decades of experience in manufacturing elevators, on how to reduce passenger waiting time, etc. a lot of work, Yong-largest elevator group management system has always been to create better and more efficient travel experience. Business executive SUPRO high-speed passenger elevators bring comfortable ride, luxurious interior design, so take the elevator into a faster and more stable enjoyment.Features:? elegant luxury car ride space, to create a fresh and comfortable life rhythm;? Service performed better than most other international brands, from exploration, shipping, installation to completion, using the full range of one-stop services to meet the needs of users of high-end use;? remote alarm system, elevator once abnormal transmitter will automatically monitoring center, and play appease voice, more peace of mind for passengers waiting to be rescued;? With cloud media system comes standard with the world's original online bulletin board management technology, improve building quality, communicate more smoothly;? user-friendly design, simple operation more comfortable;? imported from France host, can significantly improve the power factor, energy saving VANS無機房乘客電梯 VANS no room passenger elevator Alone and elaborate long-barreled type motor designWing Tai VANS MRL unique long-barreled type motor design, the structure is safe and reliable, and have a good cooling effect. Barreled type motor mounted on the top of the elevator shaft, eliminating the need for intermediate pulley, compact; no intermediate diverting pulleys, rope bent, long life, fully meet the needs of different buildings, broader scope, it has opened up a host of new elevator field.Warm and comfortable rideElevator shaft brake makes use lower noise, smooth braking deceleration; professional motor drive inverter, sampling 32 yuan DSP control, high-performance speed loop, current loop control, the elevator's run more smoothly and reliably bring passengers feel warm and comfortable.The pursuit of green fashion, to embrace green livingThe high-performance permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine to achieve the miniaturization of production technology and equipment, centralized winding technology, high power density, high efficiency, power clean, static magnetic inspection, easy starting torque compensation , truly green products, leading the energy crisis. e'IX-E small room elevators Overview:With the promotion of the national protection of housing policy implementation, more and more protection of residential buildings have sprung up, for affordable housing, Shanghai Yongda Elevator Equipment Co., Ltd. launched e'IQ-E protect small room elevators, its successor the permanent size of the elevator machine room has always been adhering to the design concept, embodied in a mature technology, streamlined space, broad applicability, intelligent management systems and have unbeatable price, so Yongda e'IQ-E small elevator machine room with safe, reliable, durable, low failure rate, energy saving and other advantages.Features:? Space-saving construction - compact design and small hoisting machine control cabinet, lift the body so that the area is only 1/2 of the conventional passenger elevators, saving floor space, reduce construction costs;? easy maintenance - a separate room, easy installation and future maintenance;? Energy-efficient drive system - Winner Group subsidiaries using a permanent magnet synchronous motor drives the PM gearless traction machine, saving energy at the same time, to ensure a more comfortable ride and safe operation;? precise control system - using the most advanced science and technology to improve the control cabinet reasonable, significantly reduced the volume control disk; let inverter control elevator ride more secure, stable and smooth;? Intelligent Door System - the permanent size of the room elevators using permanent magnet synchronous PM motor drive door, operational efficiency and significantly improved compared to the stability than conventional asynchronous motors door. Its unique closed-loop vector control and fault logging capabilities greatly reduce the failure rate of door use.


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